Updated: May 21, 2024

Bathroom Remodels: Why You Need a Plumber

A bathroom remodel makes homes more comfortable and attractive. They can also potentially increase the value and desirability of a home when owners decide to sell. Many decisions occur before and during the remodel. One of the most important is whether to hire a plumber for the project. Anyone who wonders about the cost versus the reward of using a plumber rather than doing the work alone should understand how hiring an expert can benefit them.

Improve Initial Planning

Plumbers do not only run a few pipes and unclog drains. The field includes people with exceptional experience in every step of the design, layout, and installation process. Plumbing experts see the latest trends, have firsthand exposure to the newest products, and hear about what people like and do not like regarding their bathrooms.

Hiring a professional plumber to assist during the planning can enable homeowners to avoid plans that will not work. It is easy for people to have an idea of what they want without realizing the complexity of what their dream bathroom design will require. A plumber can help them to keep their budget under control without giving up the features they want most. The advice of an expert can also allow them to consider things and find solutions they would not have thought of on their own.

Improve Water Efficiency

All homeowners should want a design that saves water and energy. Not only do these tactics protect the environment, but they also save money and make the house more desirable to future buyers. Plumbers can design systems to work more efficiently and suggest equipment that will make these goals attainable.

Prevent Financial Losses

People who take on plumbing projects for themselves can make mistakes that could cost more during the remodel or cause future problems that lead to emergency calls. At Loyalty Plumbing, we help our Las Vegas clients avoid common plumbing mistakes. It means completing all work correctly the first time and selecting durable and high-quality fixtures and hardware. The homeowner gets the most out of their investment because, with a professional, everything comes with a warranty to ensure the customer always has protection.

Details Always Matter

Sometimes, the most beneficial help a plumber provides is making sure people remember the less obvious details. Installing water purification may come to mind with kitchen remodels, but a purification system benefits the entire house. Many homeowners want a spa-like bathroom, and hard water can make that experience impossible. Water purification systems keep hair and skin softer and can remove unpleasant water odors that intensify when using hot water. Hard water can prevent soap from producing suds as expected. A better bubble bath and a more satisfying shower and shampoo experience often occur after the installation of a water purification system.

Prevent Construction Delays

Delays can occur for many reasons during a home remodel. Hiring professionals prevents many of the most common delays. Plumbers can ensure the homeowner has the necessary work permits, follows all local building codes, and has all the materials on site when work begins. The skills, tools, and experience of a professional plumber also keep the project moving along as they complete their work as scheduled, so no other tradespeople must wait or reschedule to do their part.

Clear the Scene

Following any remodeling, a lot of debris remains. The mess can include tile, pipes, an old toilet, a bathtub, and more. Most municipal garbage collectors will not take these items, and not all homeowners have the vehicle or physical ability to haul debris to a landfill. Hiring a plumber also solves this dilemma. Plumbers will clear out the mess related to their work and leave the workplace clean and ready for the homeowner to enjoy.

Working directly with a plumber on a remodel improves the quality of the finished product. Homeowners still contribute time and ideas but have guidance throughout the experience. At Loyalty Plumbing, our team provides the skills and talent to ensure our Las Vegas clients have a finished product they love. Our wide range of available services ensures that all the plumbing on the property, from the municipal lines to everything throughout the home, will work efficiently and flawlessly with the new additions. Call Loyalty Plumbing today to schedule a consultation or for more information.

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