Over the years, many people have acquired the bottled water habit. There are several reasons for this. Concern over the quality of the local tap water is undoubtedly the biggest one. Even in those areas where the water quality is good, government regulations mandate the insertion of various chemicals into the water supply whether it needs them or not. Health-minded individuals do not enjoy drinking industrial products. In some cases, particularly sensitive individuals get physically ill if they drink tap water with chemicals in it.

The quick and easy solution to this problem is to stock the fridge with plenty of bottled water that is ready to grab and go at any time. In some instances, that convenience is a necessity as well. Suppose a natural disaster disrupts the municipal water supply. Having a good supply of bottled water in the garage is an important part of a potential disaster recovery plan.

The Case Against Bottled Water

Even while people rely on bottled water to guard against the twin scourges of bad municipal water and possible calamities, they are creating a more immediate disaster of their own. Although bottled water is available in many different degrees of quality, even the least expensive of these costs far more than tap water. In many cases, bottled water costs more than an equivalent quantity of gasoline. At a time when household budgets endure increasing stress, reducing the cost of the family supply of drinking water offers relief.

There are also tremendous environmental drawbacks to drinking bottled water. The obvious one is all of the plastic waste that is created through the disposal of single-use plastic bottles. Those bottles dont just magically appear, either. Vast industrial plants must produce them.

Only a limited amount of bottled water comes from local suppliers. Instead, that water is trucked all over the country. At times, it even moves all over the planet on ships, planes, rails and trucks before it ever reaches the local store. The environmental drawbacks of using huge amounts of petrochemicals to get those single-serving containers of water into your kitchen are enormous.

A Compromise Your Family and Planet Can Both Live With

There is an alternative to the environmental and economic wreckage produced by the throwaway culture of the bottled water industry. Install a home water filtration system. You get all the clean, chemical-free drinking water you need at a fraction of the cost.

Instead of relying on already decaying single-use bottles, you store your water in your own selected long-term containers. You carry on the same way as ever. Open the fridge and plenty of pure water is stored right there for anyone who needs it.

These modern water filtration systems are compact and very efficient in comparison to the old dinosaur units crammed into the broom closet. They fully integrate into your existing water lines with little difficulty and are easy to use. When compared to the weekly cost of bottled water, the initial investment in the system rapidly pays for itself. Every month after that, you bank the savings.

Choosing the Right System for Your Needs

A filtration system is not a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment. You want one tailored to your own specific needs. A single person in an apartment uses less water than a family of six out in the suburbs. In addition, the purchaser has numerous add-on options to choose from. These can add extra layers of physical or ultraviolet filtering for the best possible drinking water.

You need a reputable professional to advise you. You dont want a system larger than you need, but you don’t need one that isn’t capable enough to do the job. Installing a system that fulfills all of its stated promises is important as well. The internet is filled with alleged water filtration systems that either wont last or dont even work.

Our professionals install many water filtration systems each year. We are fully aware of the latest technological trends. We also know which models are reliable and which ones to avoid. You need a one-stop professional who will examine your current system, suggest alternatives, and provide you with a full explanation of any questions you have. We also offer plumbing, tankless water heaters, hydrojecting and more.

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